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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Last Day of Spring -- Ideally, Spring would be filled with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures; and maybe it was, but I work during the day so at best I emerge from my job at 5 PM and look at the sky and say "Seems like it might have been a nice day." That happened maybe three or four days in the past three months.

It seems like there were a lot of storms; just yesterday a thunderstorm descended on the place I work, knocking out power three or four times and dropping huge, cascading sheets of rain on the area. Then the storm passed, and the air seemed clearer, but it was still fairly dreary.

My use of the term "ideally" above is a bit of a projectionist generalization; it's what I assume is most people's ideal Spring weather. I actually like it overcast and in the 50s, what most people would call "gloomy and cold," but I know I'm a freak. Working ten years of overnights has left me somewhat averse to bright sunshine, and I am definitely increasingly less comfortable the higher the outside temperature gets past 60 degrees. Indoors, anything past 72-74 gets the dustmites working their evil allergy magicks, and I start sneezing. These days I rely on Claritin to control that as much as possible; that's about a dollar a dose vs. the $100.00 monthly in co-pays to get the prescription allergy meds (pills and an inhaler) that my doctor would prefer I use. I simply cannot afford a hundred bucks a month for allergy pills, or much of anything else for that matter...

Damn, rambling again, and nothing about comics. I did just read Godland #11 this morning, which might be the last issue before a multi-month hiatus? I think? Anyway, it continues to be an energetic and wonky Kirby pastiche (one that Kirby probably would have hated, or at least not loved terribly much) that delivers some minor-key superhero pleasures on a regular basis. Considering how few pleasures that companies we actually expect our superhero pleasures to come from actually deliver, I suppose that, at least, is something. I accidentally ended up with the first issue of the Detroit JLA arc of JLA Classified last week, and holy hell, that was some shit-awful comics. Ending up with that was the price I had to pay for following the Ellis/Guice and Simone/Garcia-Lopez arcs, I guess. That's the one consistent thing I have learned in 34 years of reading comics: Marvel and DC will always punish you eventually for any joy you manage to honestly derive from their publications.

Looking forward to the forthcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, solicitations for which are popping up here and there around the comics internet. If I were wealthy I certainly would plunk down the major coin being asked for the Absolute Edition of DC: The New Frontier by the sublime Darwyn Cooke, but alas, I am not wealthy. It's a book well-deserving of the format, though, and in a fairer world it would have been released in this format to begin with, in my opinion...I think that's my opinion, anyway -- as noted previously, I seem to be rambling.

I hope you enjoy this last day of Spring. My daughter has a white-water rafting field trip today, my son is psyched that there's no more homework for the few days remaining in the school year, and I am off to work. Hi ho, hi ho.

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