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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ADD Blog Hits The Big 0-4 -- It took me a while rooting around on webarchive.org, but this page has my first-ever ADD Blog posting, from four years ago today. The reason that page isn't in the archives in the sidebar over there on the right, as you may or may not know, is that eventually this blog mutated into its own site, addblog.com, before coming back home here to Comic Book Galaxy. Therefoe this is the third or so incarnation of the blog, and the fact that it works at all is a minor miracle given my technical abilities and the whims of the Blogger interface.

I do want to thank Neilalien for all his advice, technical help and suggestions over the years. In addition to being one of the longest-lasting and most entertaining comics bloggers, he is also unmatched in his knowledge and understanding about how the internet and blogging works (or should work). It's very possible I wouldn't still be doing this if not for his friendship and help, so, thank you, Neil.

Thanks also to my friend and fellow-Galaxy co-conspirator Christopher Allen, whose friendship, feedback and occasional wet-noodle lashings have been invaluable in how I approach my writing, my blogging, and my waitresses (hah!). Seriously, Chris and I have been doing this thing together and seperately for a long time now, and getting to bounce ideas off a noggin as sharp and observant as his has been a genuine thrill and a real education. I still want to be Chris Allen when I grow up.

And thanks to all of you for reading this blog, whether you're just visiting for the first time or you actually remember all the way back to June of 2002. Remember how big cell phones were way back then? They were enormous! Ha ha!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by these past four years here at the ADD Blog!



Blogger Blair Corbett said...

Happy anniversary!

I'm not really a part of the whole comics blogosphere thing and don't feel especially confident commenting on others' blogs, and sort of missed the "I'm still reading the ADD Blog train", but I did want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on running a great site that I very much enjoy.

I love the personality and energy you put into what you do here, and Comic Book Galaxy as a whole has been a great resource for trying new books and rethinking whether others are worth my time.

So, thanks for a great, thoughtful blog and site, one that I hope to follow for many years to come.

07 June, 2006 20:01  
Blogger ADD said...

Thanks very much for the kind words, Blair. Always room for one more on that particular train. :-)

08 June, 2006 00:25  

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