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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sex Scandal Revelations and Bad Web Practices -- Courtesy of Johanna, news that The Comics Journal has revealed the name of the man accused in a recent alleged sex scandal; this involves the incident that led Friends of Lulu to create an empowerment fund for women who have been sexually harassed within the comics industry (that's my possibly-simplistic take on the fund, you may find more nuance here, another link courtesy of Johanna, who has a whole raft of links relating to this story).

It seems like a fairly balanced piece, the Journal's coverage, covering both Brownstein's alleged wrongdoing and the somewhat stumbling manner in which the Lulu empowerment fund came together (it remains to be seen if it will be a longterm force for good in the industry; although it seems fueled by good intentions, we all know where that road often leads). But given the long history of alleged sexual harassment incidents in the industry, this is a story worth pointing out and one well worth following.

I don't care for the Journal's note at the end of their story, though, that the full version of it will be gutted once the print version is out there. This is too important a story to play "Hey, go buy the magazine" with; presumably that's why they put it up so quickly in the first place, and in the interests of history and good journalism, it should stay up in full. It's not like anyone is not going to buy the next issue of The Journal if the story remains up, where it belongs, for all to see, for as long as it possibly can.

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