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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Free Comic Book Day 2006 -- This year was a bit more subdued for my family than in past years, due to the fact that my wife has been working some brutal overtime shifts, which intruded into our weekend and prevented her from coming along. The kids really wanted to be at Earthworld Comics in Albany, though, because as usual JC and the crew had some big-name superheroes in-store, Supergirl and Storm. Additionally, comic artist John Hebert was signing and sketching, and early reports say the store was packed from open to close. JC will have a full wrap-up later this week (I think) in his Back Page column here at Comic Book Galaxy.

We almost always bring along as many extra friends and family members as we can, and this year in addition to myself, daughter Kira and son Aaron, the guest was Aaron's classmate and best pal Noah. Noah came prepared, wearing a Superman t-shirt and sitting in the backseat with Aaron making up stories about their own superheroes they've created, all the way down to Albany, and most of the way back (when they weren't wrapped up in the FCBD books they scored).

Noah met with near-tragedy when he chose a back-issue of Aquaman to buy with money his parents had given him to spend at the shop (his first visit to a comic book store), but somehow between buying it and our eventual exit of the store, he misplaced the comic. Luckily the gang at the shop found it and set it aside, so I'll grab it for him next weekend, most likely.

I don't want FCBD to have to stand or fall on its coincidental timing with the release of a major superhero movie, but I did think later that most years we have made whatever movie that was part of our FCBD plans; no superhero movie this weekend, though, so we didn't go to the movies after the comic shop. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Hollywood will note the decline in ticket sales compared to previous Free Comic Book Days? Yes, I am kidding...kind of.

The only comic that came out on Wednesday this week that I was at all excited about was Love and Rockets; the new issue was a lot of fun, having some very solid Jaime AND Gilbert contributions, and a great cover that coinclidentally was appropriate for FCBD, with a superhero nerd partying in a Superman shirt and Batman mask. He even appears in a story within the book (amusingly nicknamed "World's Finest" with virtually no other explanation -- because none is needed), so, yeah, truth in advertising.

As far as the actual FCBD books, JC had hooked me up with a complete set a couple of weeks back, but I unfortunately didn't find the time to write anything about them. The best release as far as I am concerned was Free Scott Pilgrim; it's free, and it has a new story featuring some of the most fun and exciting characters in comics right now. What more could you want? I'm dying here, waiting for Vol. 3 of the series to be released, so the FCBD release came along just at the right time.

So, all in all, a good Free Comic Book Day for me and the kids. I hope you had a good one, too.



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