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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Speakeasy's Fortier Not-So-Nice? -- One thing that has been fairly consistent in the discussion of Adam Fortier and his failure to create a viable publishing entity in Speakeasy Comics is the oft-repeated notion that he is a nice guy. I've seen this said quite a few times by people who either met him or interacted with him in some way.

Writer Sebastien Caisse paints a bit of a different picture in this post today on The Engine:

I created The Grimoire and wrote the first six issues and still haven't received a dime, nor a phone call from Adam, nor any indication that any form of compensation will ever be offered. When you sign a WFH contract and you don't receive anything, are the rights still yours or does it mean the other guy gets the rights for free? Adam seems to have conveniently bundled me with Grafiksismik, something he now casually dimisses as "a separate case" when the subject of moneys owed comes up (not mentionning dozens of thousands of debts to freelancers is convenient, apparently). I once believed in Adam's goodwill, but I've been proven wrong many times over in the past two years.

Sounds a lot closer to the Mark Alessi CrossGen model than had previously been in evidence. I wonder how many other creators and creations were left hanging in limbo by Fortier and his inept-at-best, unethical-or-worse-at-worst business practices?



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