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Monday, March 27, 2006

Five for Monday: Five Comics You Were Sad to See Go Away -- This was Spurgeon's Five for Friday that didn't go up until Saturday, and somehow here on Monday my answers didn't make the cut, so, enjoy!

1. Sleeper. The failure of the direct market to embrace the best
corporate comics title of the past twenty years is outstripped only by
the astonishing, monumental fuckup of DC's publicity department in
getting the title into the hands of the hundreds of thousands of
literate, crime-fiction readers who would have loved it. Good for
Brubaker, Phillips and ************ for the forthcoming ************,
the success of which should cause mass firings at DC/Wildstorm. I've
seen pages, and they are FUCKING AWE-INSPIRING.

2. Street Angel. I guess this is what Rugg and Maruca chose, to make a
big impression and move on to something else. Good for them, one
supposes. The TPB stands as a monument to one of the greatest moments
in pop culture in recent memory, and collects five fantastic
funnybooks plus tons of juicy extras.

3. The Human Target. The only Peter Milligan title I have ever
consistently enjoyed, probably because it was his most personal work.
Readers will discover this title in 20 years and wonder why it
couldn't hold an audience. And if I'm still around, I'll explain it in
tones much like those found in #1, above.

4. Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller. It's funny how the cancellation
of the very best comics is often so clear and obvious an indictment of
the failures of the direct market and the tentpole a-holes that barely
hold it up.

5. Supergirl. The Peter David version. Too bad he had to write scores
of bad issues to get to the sublime final six, which were a
celebration of parallel universe stories, meta-commentary, and silver
age nostalgia, the final issue wrapped in a gorgeous John Romita Sr.
cover. Also, Jeph Loeb: There is nothing about your version that does
not suck beyond all comprehension. Par for the course.

Bonus: A Comic I Won't Be Sad to See Go Away

1. The Ultimates. It's been a genuine blast seeing Millar and Hitch
have so much fun on such an entertaining title. For every little "This
A Stands for Oxymoron" moment, there were ten "HULK RAPE BETTY UP THE
ASS" and Cap Kicking Banner in the teeth moments that made it all
worthwhile. Maybe Jack Kirby is spinning in his grave over what was
done to his creations, here, but isn't that what the next generation
is supposed to do to its elders? Anyway, yeah, no need at all to buy
this past the Miller and Hitch era. To do so, actually, would be
fucking silly.

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Blogger Michileen Martin said...

So there's definitely not going to be anymore Street Angel? That sucks. I was thinking about it the other day. Hopefully, that team will continue to collaborate.

I definitely agree Sleeper could have and should have gone longer, though the concept lent itself to an eventual ending. I guess the one saving grace is that it didn't get the chance to go on longer than it should've.

27 March, 2006 17:10  

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