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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Scoop on Mome -- One of the most promising comics anthologies to debut in recent years is Mome from Fantagraphics. Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon talks to co-editor Eric Reynolds about Mome, its intentions and editorial philosophy, and how successful the book has been so far:

Let me just say that the first issue is the weakest, so if people enjoy that one, it bodes well. I think the first three show consistent improvement. The third has come the closest to feeling 'just right,' so to speak. I just got advance copies of the third and sent them out to the contributors and the consensus seems to be that this is the best one yet. But I'm also working on the fourth right now -- people are turning in their stories this week -- so I might change my mind once I see how this one shapes up.

It's no surprise to longtime readers of this blog that I like this series; Paul Hornschemeier is a key part of it, and he is one of my favourite cartoonists (there's an interview with him in the first volume, too). The third volume is shipping soon, and overall the series is well worth your attention.



Blogger Tom Spurgeon said...

Thanks, Alan. I forgot to put the art up, so you might want to check it out again.

-- Tom

26 February, 2006 16:26  

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