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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Popping In To Say Hi -- Holidays, family and two jobs have me pressed for blogging time -- I don't even have time to read many comics blogs at the moment, never mind maintain my own. I know, I well and truly suck. I hope things will improve somewhat after the first of the year, when some changes should be evident hereabouts.

I did find the time to vote in the Comics Bloggers Poll that Chris Tamarri thunk up. If you have a comics blog or contribute to one, be sure to make your voice heard.

I finished reading the Will Eisner hagiography A Spirited Life this week, and my feelings echo those of Steven Grant. It's a fine, compelling collection of interesting, funny and/or enlightening anecdotes, but it lacks a cohesive narrative voice and solid point of view to really make it an enduring biography of one of the artform's most important figures. Of course, I felt the same way about the Silver Age book Grant reviews in the same column, and he seems to like that quite a bit more than I did.

But that is often the problem, with books on comics -- plenty of anecdotes, lists and factoids, but rarely a confident, bold point of view that carries you through the work and makes you feel like you've done more than just watsed some time on a breezy read. For an example of the right way to do it, I highly recommend Bob Levin's Outlaws, Rebels, Freethinkers and Pirates, which was probably the best book about comics in 2005.

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