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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Last Post of 2005 -- Oh, man, the year's over already, huh? That seemed to go by fast. Look for the Comic Book Galaxy 2006 Roundtable column coming up on Monday, when you'll get an earful about the year ahead from folks who know whereof they speak.

What am I doing today? This morning I watched Blade Runner with Lora, who this afternoon left with her parents for a New Year's Eve casino gambling Connecticut adventure, woo-hoo. My interest in gambling begins and ends with two or three scratch-off tickets per year, so I hope they all have a ball, but I am happy to hang out at home with the kids.

Who, by the way, I took out to lunch at Wendy's, and then to various stores to pick up snacks and (for me and any possible guests later this evening) a bottle of champagne, currently chilling in the fridge. The kids (including one from down the street) are watching the freshly-rented Lilo and Stitch 2, and after they're done with that I plan to pop in one of the movies I bought for tonight, either The Usual Suspects or Strange Days. Yeah, bought, not rented. I used Saturnalia Week as an excuse to buck up my DVD collection a bit.

Earlier today I spent about an hour on the phone with my buddy Rob Vollmar, who shared some very, VERY good news with me about Bluesman. I'd tell you, but I am sure he wants to announce it himself...

My biggest project this week after putting together a couple of big pieces for Comic Book Galaxy, has been my third re-read of Alan Moore's novel Voice of the Fire. It gets better every time I read it, as I pick up on more and more of the recurring motifs and am better able to immerse myself in the world Moore creates over the course of the book. I really can't recommend it enough, it's as good or better than anything the man has ever done in comics, and I remind you that he is the best writer ever to work in comics, so, that's saying something.

All right, I should go and finish up the last two chapters of the book while the kids watch their movie...I also want to read some more of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Man, it's nice to have a three-day weekend and pretty much no work at all that needs to be done for quite some time. This almost never happens, and I am going to go enjoy it now.

Happy new year, thanks as always for spending part of your time here with me, and now you, too, go and have some fun. We'll chat again in 2006.

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