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Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Hurm," To Coin a Phrase -- Maybe this wasn't the best weeK to get back to work here. The spirit is most definitely willing, but I'll tell you, the holidays have slammed me at the radio station (putting together dozens of Christmas commercials every day, among other things), I have been working extra on my second job, and yesterday I got asked to do not one but two presentations on comics before a group of about 150 librarians from all over upstate New York. And like a lunatic, an honoured lunatic, I said yes.

So, I'll be popping in here when I can, but it might be quiet for a few days as I try to keep all these insane plates spinning in the air.

Also: Look for a review from me on the main site tomorrow -- a review readers of Warren Ellis's The Engine got a sneak peek at today.

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Blogger Mark said...

I wish librarians in Northern Ireland got presentations about comics. Bollocks.

Hey, Alan, now you've got your routine down pat, d'y'wanna take your show on the road and come over to Ireland?

12 December, 2005 18:20  

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