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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Look at our powers and costumes! Why would you think we're superheroes? WISH IT INTO THE CORNFIELD, JIMMY!Psych Consult? -- Can anyone tell me why someone would be so emotionally invested in denying that CrossGen's superheroes were superheroes? Scroll down to the rather -- seething take on the question from James Meeley. The internerdiness of the kneejerk self-denial on display is really kind of weird.

Also weird: Franklin Harris's bizarre and patently ridiculous claim that Joe Sacco practices Gonzo Journalism. You know, because he's in his stories. I guess Woodward and Bernstein are retroactively shoved into the Good Doktor's backseat, too, on that long, hot journey through the '70s. Where's that salt-shaker?!?

Sheesh. I thought I had already seen every type of comics psychopathology on display on the comics interblogonerdawebothingy. Paging Dr. Crane, are you listening?



Blogger James Meeley said...

Alan obviously has a serve memory problem.

See, the truth of the matter is I was asked about what non-superhero comics I've been reading by someone. I noted the CrossGen stuff in my list. Alan then, without any provokation, has some anal retentive need to "correct me". This, despite that he later admits some of CrossGen's books were not superheroes. I tell Alan I'm not going to play his ganme and that his opinion of things matters not at all. He then continues on, in the fashion most know him for.

So, when you see the situation play out, you'll see that it is Alan who is much more emotionally invested in things. Of course, I think it has more to do with his inability to control his over-extend ego about himself, and not any investment in the CrossGen series.

Hey, Alan, get some help. Seriously. You are truly in need of it. There's no reason to continue to suffer.

28 August, 2005 04:46  
Blogger Luke said...

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01 December, 2005 18:30  

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