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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Normal Galaxy Service Resumes Tomorrow -- Comic Book Galaxy Editor-in-Chief Chris Hunter had some technical issues that prevented us from having an update on the main site the past couple of days, but we should be back tomorrow at full power wih new BREAKDOWNS from Christopher Allen, LAST CALL from Johnny Bacardi, a couple of new reviews from li'l ol' me (Tricked and The Cute Manifesto, to be exact), as well as whatever other surprises the Galaxy Gang has whipped up over the past couple of days.

In the meantime, though, check out my summation of the week in comics over at The Comics Reporter, for my definitive look at this week's rank stupidity and wagon-circling on the comics internet.


Blogger Nick Wyche said...

Just found your blog and have been enjoying it immensly. I have to say that my first encounters with some of your writing, your reviews/thoughts on Doug Tennapel's Top Shelf book, left me thinking I wouldn't (I'll have to agree to disagree with you on the topics you brought up there).
I have been really enjoying the letters you have been sending to The Comics Reporter, though. I am sad to see that Nat Gertler has brought his myopic, arrested-adolescent, brand of "debate" to that site. I would think it would be hard to type on a keyboard with the blinders that guy seems to perpetually have on!
I have to say, though, that when watching a rerun of "Win Ben Stein's Money" a while back I got a big laugh at watching Contestant Nat get his ass thoroughly whipped by Ben and another contestant.
Keep it up!

26 August, 2005 00:41  
Blogger ADD said...

I sympathize with Gertler's intentions, and I really do wish they could have made a go of the DNAgents and Crossfire projects.

But as previous examples from Mark Alessi to Future Comics and many more have proven, you've really got to have a solid business plan, years worth of disposable capital and an understand of what the market wants and needs and how to get it there before you jump in screaming "Wheee! Me too!"

And even then, expect to fail, because you probably will. Fantagraphics was publishing literally the world's best cartoonists for decades before an unpredictable event -- the securing of the Peanuts license -- allowed them some sense of financial security. Marvel has possession of some of the most recognizable trademarks in comics history, and their near-financial immolation is something still well within recent memory.

So it's no surprise that About Comics ("Hey, look at us, we're in the 'A' section of the part of the catalog no one reads! No one will read us, but they'll not read us first!) wasn't able to deliver those good, solidly entertaining superhero comics to people that want to read superhero comics. No surprise, there, either, as clearly even the people left reading primarily superhero comics these days don't want work of accomplishment, wit or nuance. They want on-screen melon-capping, ass-rape, and Breaking the Internerd in half. Who says it's not the Jolt Cola Era of Disposable Comics and Disposable Characters, True Believer?

26 August, 2005 00:56  
Blogger Luke said...

Keep believing, its fantatsic stuff, enjoying immensely.

01 December, 2005 18:27  

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