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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday, Briefly -- Thanks to everyone who bought an item or items in the Mid-Summer Fundraising Sale. My wife and I packed and addressed dozens of packagaes yesterday, and this week we'll be shipping stuff out. Thanks also to everyone who linked to the sale, it's much appreciated.

I'm frankly in awe of the quality of today's update on Comic Book Galaxy proper. Two powerful and well-reasoned opinion columns (both of which incorporate reviews and/or previews) and a terrific review of a landmark comics work. Make sure you click over and spend part of your day with the Galaxy gang, they're doing good work.

I'm also thrilled with the job Chris Hunter has been doing since he accepted the Editor-in-Chief position here at the Galaxy. He's doing fantastic work, and I'm grateful to have the site in such talented hands. Thanks, Chris.

Didn't get a lot of comics reading done over the weekend -- Saturday was spent with the family in Albany, at Earthworld Comics, at the New York State Museum, and finally at the Spectrum Theater to see a great documentary called March of the Penguins. Between the stunning bottom-of-the-world footage and the sardonic narration of Morgan Freeman, you really can't go wrong. But the real appeal of the movie lies in the dramatic story of the penguins themselves. When you see the genuine drama that their mating cycle entails -- for example, standing up in the same place for four months without eating in order to protect an egg at 50 to 100 degrees below zero in brutal wind and snowstorms -- well, come on. Those little birds are tough. Seriously, it's 80 wonderful minutes of film. if it's playing anywhere near you, check it out.

I did manage to read some comics yesterday, though -- some of The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 17, which has some of my favourite Crumb stories in it, as well as stuff I'd never read before -- and I even talked my wife into reading John Porcellino's forthcoming Perfect Example, which she liked, especially John P.'s story of the pain of a high school crush.

If I know what comics women would like to read, why doesn't the comics industry?

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Blogger Chris Hunter said...

Thanks for the kind words, Alan. It has been my pleasure.

15 August, 2005 07:51  

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