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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Tuesday Briefing -- You know, between you, me and the
lamppost, when I was putting together this whole idea of "The New
Comic Book Galaxy," I had no idea how much would need to be done on a
daily basis; editing, uploading, image management, and dealing with
other odds and ends have occupied so much more of my time than I had
imagined. I am starting to feel a bit like Stan Lee maybe two months
after Roy Thomas started writing all Marvel's superhero comics. This
seemed like a good idea at the time, but I sure miss seeing my name in
the credits, you know?

Anyway, this is my way of acknowledging in some way that while I am
thrilled to death with the high quality of the new columns and
features we've added, man, I need to get back to writing about comics
myself. I need to redouble my efforts -- wait, first I should double
them, then redouble them, no? But yeah, it's been too long
since I have had the time to write anything of substancve about the
artform that I love so much, and coordinating the efforts of so many
gifted writers here on the site is no substitute for getting down into
the trenches myself.

I'll tell you what, the thing that has been making me ache to write
about comics again is two fantastic books of film criticism by Roger
Ebert, The Great Movies and The Great Movies II. Each
volume has 100 essays about the films Ebert considers great, and it's
a delight to me how reading these books both makes me want to seek out
more good movies and write more and better comics criticism.

San Diego Unanticipation -- About the only thing I will miss
about not going to the San Diego Comicon is the chance to meet so many
of my online friends and acquanitances all in one place. I envy the
folks who somehow manage to find both the time and the money to make
it out there for the biggest event of the year in comics, even as the
comics lover in me recognizes that I would much more enjoy and much
rather attend an event like the MoCCA Festival or the Toronto Comic
Art Festival.

True Porn 2 -- I haven't read the first volume, but a look at the gorgeous Chester Brown cover to TRUE PORN 2 certainly gets my interest. You can get full details on the volume at the True Porn 2 page at Alternative Comics.

If It's Tuesday It Must Be Manga -- Yep, Rob Vollmar's latest International Geographic column is up, packed with reviews and commentary. This is Rob's fourth edition of the column already -- I can't believe how fast the great work he and our other contributors is piling up in the archives. If you get a chance, take a long browse through the main site archives and see if you don't agree.



Blogger Nik said...

I do love Ebert's reviews too. I haven't read "Great Movies II" yet but the first book is one of my favorite pieces of criticism. It's a shame that because he's such a commodity and public figure that Ebert's tremendous writing skills aren't always respected by the online crowd. I don't always agree with him - I dug "Fantastic Four" more than he did - but I never regret reading one of his reviews.

12 July, 2005 13:04  
Blogger aaron dumin said...

Wow. That's a beauty of a Chester Brown cover.

12 July, 2005 17:33  

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