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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bluesman Delayed in U.S. -- Here's the press release sent out on behalf of the creators of Bluesman:

BLUESMAN splits with Absence of Ink

(July 26, 2005)

Rob Vollmar and Pablo G. Callejo are announcing a
delay in the release of the second English
serialization installment of their critically-acclaimed BLUESMAN graphic novel. The
creators have been notified by Absence of Ink publisher S. Edward Irvin that BLUESMAN: Book One, published in February of 2005, will be that company's final release for the foreseeable future.

As a result, the English editions of BLUESMAN, which
is on its second volume in France with the second
Spanish edition due out this fall, is temporarily
suspended until a suitable publishing partner for the
series can be found.

BLUESMAN writer Rob Vollmar says, “It had been my hope
that we could make the transition to another publisher
in the English market quickly enough to maintain the
bi-annual schedule that Pablo and I had set out for
ourselves. Since that situation has yet to stabilize,
we just want to let the readers know what’s going on
with assurances that we are not only on schedule for
finishing Book Three but also laboring behind the
scenes to get the show rolling again.”

BLUESMAN is the story of itinerant musician Lem
Taylor and his harrowing trek as a fugitive across
Arkansas of the late 1920s. Vollmar and Callejo’s
debut collaborative work, THE CASTAWAYS was published
by Absence of Ink in 2002 and nominated for an Eisner
Award in the Best Single-Issue/One-Shot category.

Updates about the future of BLUESMAN in English will
appear at on Vollmar’s blog, found at
http://www.bluesmanproject.com as they become

Speaking for myself, as someone who loves great comics and thinks BLUESMAN deserves that designation -- I hope some visionary publisher picks this up so we can all read the next chapters in the story sooner rather than later.


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