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Friday, June 10, 2005

Only Days Remaining -- The other day in a comment thread on a
comics blog, in reaction to the announcement that this coming Monday we are overhauling this site, someone said something to the effect that it seemed like Comic Book Galaxy announces a big change every three months.

Man, the internet is weird.

We certainly have gone through some changes since we launched this
thing on September 1st, 2000. Many, many talented contributors have
come through these virtual doors, and I, myself, stepped away a time
or two due to personal concerns. That's the funny thing about running
a volunteer site, when it comes down to a paying job or dealing with
serious family or health problems, oftentimes the unpaid gig is the
first thing to suffer, no matter how rewarding and enjoyable that gig
might be.

But this site has always had its detractors. It seems like the simple
act of demanding quality and passion from those who provide – or
attempt to provide – readable entertainment is seen as an act of
arrogant elitism. For the minority in the comics internet audience who
sees things that way, I doubt there will ever be any changing their
mind, so even bothering to try is probably a waste of time. For the
rest of you, though, I think we've pretty well established our mission
over the past five years, and while we've strayed off the beacon* a
time or two, we know what we want this site to be, and on Monday
morning, it's going to be much closer to that goal.

Here we are on Friday morning. Most of the new, regular columns are
finished and ready, as are a major interview and an introduction by
one of the biggest names in the industry (not coincidentally one of
CBG's biggest supporters over its lifetime). A lot is left unfinished,
though, and I will be working as hard as I can to finish everything up
and have everything as close to perfect as we can for Monday. I'm not
the only one, either – nearly two dozen people are now committed to
Comic Book Galaxy, and many of them are hard at work right now
creating new and interesting – and entertaining content for you
to read next week, and the week after, and hopefully all the weeks to
come after that, forever and ever, amen.

Please do join us on Monday.

* My only Babylon 5 metaphor in this post, I swear.



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