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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lifelike Comics -- Please pop over to Movie Poop Shoot today and check out Dara Naraghi and Tom Williams's new webcomic Lifelike. Naraghi says:

LIFELIKE is best described as "slice of life stories...and beyond," and will
feature short stories and vignettes written by yours truly, and illustrated
by an assortment of talented artists. The debut storyline is titled "Skin
Deep," and is drawn by artist extraordinaire Tom Williams. Tom recently drew
the NO DEAD TIME graphic novel for Oni Press, and was the 2002 Day Prize
winner (as awarded by Dave Sim) for his self-published comic MISA. "Skin
Deep" chronicles the tale of two computer consultants, a tattoo parlor, and
a restaurant manager named Kathy...

I've liked a lot of Naraghi's minicomics over the past few years, and Williams's art was the best thing about the recent graphic novel No Dead Time, so this should be worth a look. Only one strip in, my only real comment is that it's off to a promising start -- and, well, is that Jeph Loeb? The guy with the glasses? Anyway, click on over and see what you think.


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