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Friday, June 17, 2005

Last Call! -- It was a damned busy week here at THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY, and what better way to relax and reflect on the week that was with a cool beverage at Johnny Bacardi's? His LAST CALL is the new weekly Friday column here at The Galaxy, and starting next Friday he'll be joined every week by Chris Allen's BREAKDOWNS, so, two of the very best writers about comics, right here on Friday to help you wind down from the week with some entertaining and informative chat. I think that's pretty cool. To check out the premiere edition of LAST CALL, click over to the main page and start reading!

So, how'd we do this week? Over a dozen columns and reviews, and more on the way every week from here on out. Not to mention that some of the regular columns we'll be featuring haven't even been mentioned yet, as they are still in various stages of preparation. We're also looking at a couple of minor tweaks to make the site design even more useful and attractive, too.

I hope you like what we've done here -- everyone is extremely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, and grateful for the positive reaction we've been receiving. I hope if you like what we're doing, you'll drop a line to a friend who likes comics, and let them know about all the changes here at The Galaxy -- not to mention, the chance to win everything AiT/PlanetLar has ever published.

Thanks for stopping by, remember to check out JB's LAST CALL, and if there's any other of our new reviews or columns you haven't had a chance to read yet, well, when you get some downtime this weekend between barbeques (I've got two on tap, one today at work on our lunch break and one at a friend's tomorrow in Lake George, woo hoo!) and going to see Batman Begins (I'm going tonight, convinced by Roger Ebert's review), maybe stop by back here and browse through the content from the past week, or dip even deeper into the archives of the past five years of COMIC BOOK GALAXY.

It's almost enough to get me excited about our anniversary this September 1st...hmm, we should do something special for that...



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