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Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's Ready -- I can't even begin to wrap my brain around it, but I think we're ready to go tomorrow morning with THE NEW COMIC BOOK GALAXY. Waiting to hear back from our tech guys about some last-second tweaks, but content-wise, we're a go.

What else? I've hardly done anything else all weekend, which originally was not how I thought this weekend would go, but for the good of the site, it's probably just as well. I did get a late-night e-mail last night that will make the new version of the site even better, which from where I am sitting is a pretty astonishing thing. But for some reason, the enthusiasm and energy I feel for this enterprise right now seems to be spreading like wildfire among Galaxy contributors new and old. If you like this site as it is now, if you liked it five years ago, you are going to very much like what we have in store for you in the week ahead, and thereafter.

One strong recommendation from me, because I have no time to write the review it deserves: Buy Ice Haven by Dan Clowes. The new hardcover, a reconfiguring of the brilliant Eightball #22 (still the greatest single issue of any comics series ever published), is absolutely fantastic and a must-read for both newcomers to Clowes and/or comics, or for hardcore Clowes fanatics. I can see a possible middle-ground of casual Clowes readers who might not get the thrill out of this recontextualization of the cartoonist's best work, but everything from the design to the reworked pages and additonal material, Ice Haven is just a wonderful ramping up of what was already one of the greatest works ever created in comics. Do pick it up.

Now, come back here tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get this crazy new era off the ground!



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