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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Sunday Afternoon Briefing -- Who reads comics blogs on Sunday afternoon? Hell, who writes them? Anyway...wrote a decent batch of Quick Hits reviews this morning and early this afternoon, finally putting a dent in the huge pile of stuff I need to review. So that's exciting. Hope to edit and post those and a few other reviews by the Galaxy Gang either later tonight or first thing in the morning. A lot of things are about to change here at COMIC BOOK GALAXY, and one of those is that you'll be able to precict with a bit more regularity when you see a given writer's stuff appear. And wait 'til you see what else we have up our sleeves...!

Boy, that was brief. Well, I wanted to pop in and say hi, and now I really wanna get OFF THE COMPUTER. I have I Heart Huckabees and the new Seinfeld Season Four DVDs to watch, and Huckabees isa rental, so I gotta get to that tonight or it goes back unwatched. WOuldn't be the first time I've done that, but I hate it when it does. It makes me never want to rent said movie again for fear it'll happen again, and it's also a colossal waste of four bucks. Y'know?



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