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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pipeline Preview -- Go over and check out Augie's new column today. He has a good discussion on the thought that ought to be put into collections from the corporate/superhero comics publishers*, some nice blog-like bullet points, and the big finish, a dead-on point about the most useless, navel-gazing of blogposts, the "Here's what search terms bring people to my site" post. Yes, we KNOW people looking for "Horse cousins incest" and "Naked Starfire and an iguana" bring people to your site. We're glad you find it entertaining. We don't.

Good work, Augie.

* I mean, the new catalog from Fantagraphics (the one they do for the book trade, not for comics buyers) is a thing of beauty, explaining in detail what they'll be publishing for the next few months, how it will be marketed, who the audience is, and what the books will look like. If Fantagraphics can do it, why can't Marvel and DC?


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