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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Monday Evening Briefing -- Man, this was a long day. Longest day I've had in many months. But it was a productive one, and so even if I am tired, "It's a good tired," as they say.

My sincere thanks to everyone who linked to Our Crumb Contest. I haven't had time to properly hunt down all the links, so, if you did link to the contest, thank you, very much. I appreciate the help getting the word out about the chance to win the fantastic R. Crumb Handbook.

As evening sets in, the kids are playing out in the yard for a few more minutes. This house we moved in to in October provides them with that opportunity for the first time, as the apartment we lived in for ten years before that had no yard to speak of. They're out there now riding their bikes and having a great time. Dad's all worn out, but we've already had dinner, and they just need to take their baths before bedtime. Ah, bedtime. Soon; soon and very soon.



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