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Monday, May 30, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- I know it's a busy Memorial Day three-day weekend, but here I am anyway on Monday morning, your internet pal who cares.

Galaxy Radio -- I've been in radio for 20 years, so you would think a podcast would be a natural for me. Hell, Augie's been doing them (and quite well, at that) over at CBR for months now! My wife and I invested in a new Pentium 4 a few weeks ago, and its memory and resources are apparently much better suited to editing digital audio, so yesterday I took the plunge into the first Galaxy Podcast, a kind of test-run that features my commentary on the Fantagraphics June Newsletter. So click here to download my first podcast, and I implore you, e-mail me with your thoughts. Like it? Hate it? Suggestions to improve it? Whatever your comment, please let me know. Anyway, Marshall's been pestering me to start a podcast for a long time, and it looks like the stars have finally aligned. (Thanks to Ian and Chris for prompting me to change a mispronounciation, too!)

Paul Moves Out -- The latest in the Drawn and Quarterly series of graphic novels by Michel Rabagliati ships this week, so here's a timely reminder to pick it up, and if you haven't already been totally addicted to Rabagliati's extraordinary storytelling, check out Jason Marcy's review of Paul Moves Out.

Super-F*ckers Ships -- Also noteworthy is this week's arrival of James Kochalka's Super-F*ckers. Read my 5 Questions interview with James to get a feel for the project, and be sure to pick this one up: I promise it'll be worth it.

Crumb Contest Deadline -- You have until about midnight tomorrow night to enter Our Crumb Contest here at Comic Book Galaxy. If you haven't entered yet, please click over to the contest page and send in your entry before it's too late! And coming very soon...the biggest Comic Book Galaxy giveaway ever.



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