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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- Hello, good morning, and welcome to your Monday Briefing. I'm Alan Doane, and I'm here to help.

Super-F*cking Contest Winners -- Well, it took weeks of back-breaking sitting in a chair and typing, but the data entry has been completed, and ten winners have been chosen at random from the hundreds of folks who entered the Super-F*cking Contest from James Kochalka, Top Shelf, and Comic Book Galaxy. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER is Jason Plapp of Long Beach, California. Jason wins an original painting of Jack Krak, the main character in Super-F*ckers, from Super-F*ckers creator James Kochalka; a super-rare and super-beautiful American Elf Hardcover from Top Shelf (including a variant cover! Take that, Identity Crisis!); a copy of Super-F*ckers #1 from Top Shelf; and a copy of The Comics Journal #222 from Comic Book Galaxy and an extremely shy but extremely decent and wonderful anonymous contributor. I'm also throwing in a copy of the FCBD wonderment that is Comics Festival! Congratulations, Jason!

Nine runners-up will receive a free copy of the first issue of Super-Fuckers, which Top Shelf tells me will be out within a month or so. Our runners up are Denise Stephens of Chandler, AZ; Nenad Vidovic of Toronto, ON; Melkorka Helgadóttir, of Reykjavík, Iceland; Joshua Leto of Costa Mesa, CA; Kelly Tindall of Calgary, Alberta; Nik Ramirez of Los Angeles, CA; Andrea Faetanini of Sandusky, OH; Steven Goldman of Brooklyn, NY; and Remi Treuer of Durham, NC. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Our Crumb Contest -- While we wait for the selection of the winners in the Project Superior Contest (wow, are we giving some great stuff away lately, or what?), why not take a moment to enter the brand-spanking-new Our Crumb Contest, in which some lucky Galaxy readers will get a free copy of the spectacular new hardcover autobiography of cartoonist R. Crumb called The R. Crumb Handbook. My review of the book doesn't even begin to explain how much I love this book. 440 pages, beautifully illustrated, many of Crumb's best stories included, free CD of Crumb's music, man, this thing is a gem. Enter the contest and find out for yourself!

Free Comic Book Day -- Yep, scheduling it the day before Mother's Day might not have been the smartest move ever, but it didn't slow down the crowds at Earthworld in Albany, NY. My wife and I took our kids and one of their friends and showed up promptly at opening time, and within a half-hour the place was packed with new faces looking for free comics and seemingly extremely interested in all the other comics and action figures and assorted doo-dads to be found in Upstate New York's Best Comics Shop. Owner JC Glindmyer can once again be proud of his staff and his shop, as the event was just a blast, and there were plenty of every single one of the FCBD offerings available. I've heard some people say their shop either didn't participate or didn't carry the full line of available books, and, you know, if that's the case where you live, it's time to find a comics shop that knows what it's doing. I'm incredibly grateful that our family is only an hour's drive from a shop as great as Earthworld, where FCBD seemed to be a terrific success again this year. I hope you were able to get out to your shop and support their efforts this year.

C for Chris -- Check out Chris Allen's look at F for Fake. This Orson Welles movie is one of my all-time favourite films, and this DVD may be the very best one I own, with a fantastic selection of special features and attention to detail. And hey, it looks like Chris has been posting a lot to his blog the past few days, so why not poke around the whole thing?

The Week in Comics -- Looks like another light week on New Comics Day. I'm looking forward to CONAN & THE JEWELS OF GWAHLUR #2, DESOLATION JONES #1, ASTONISHING X-MEN #10 and the biggest highlight of the week, ZAP COMIX #15. which I think some shops have already gotten, but this'll be the first I've seen of it, and with new Crumb material, it's a must-buy.

Okay, I'm outta here. Enjoy your Monday, and I'll see you back here on the blog soon. Thanks as always for making Comic Book Galaxy part of your Comics Internet experience!



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