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Monday, May 30, 2005

A Minor, Sad Moment in Comics -- Compared to the average comics buyer, I don't seem to buy a lot of floppy single issues. So they tend to pile up before I realize it. From the available evidence, it looks like I hadn't filed my floppies in at least two months, but I decided to get rid of the piles this afternoon, a nerdy process of checking which shortboxes have which series and then trying to get everything into some sort of order before returning the shortboxes to their unattractive but orderly arrangement near my bedroom door.

Putting stuff away this afternoon, I noted with minor, but genuine sadness that I was filing for the final time the last issues of Sleeper and Human Target.

One wonders if the geniuses at DC realize that they have replaced those titles with absolutely nothing I am interested in, and that they have lost those dollars forever. One wonders if they care.

But one does not wonder for long. When is that non-DC Brubaker/Phillips creator-owned series due...?



Blogger Chris Hunter said...

Still need get and read Sleeper #12.

Never got into Human Target beyond the first miniseries. Buikovic (sp?) was a great artist.

31 May, 2005 01:33  

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