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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

CCS: Helping Grow Cartoonists -- The Center for Cartoon Studies is opening this fall in Vermont, and has started a worthwhile campaign to help students with tuition while the school undergoes the long accreditation process.

Cartoonist and CCS Director James Sturm says "The newest challenge is students being able to afford tuition. Even though we are substantially less than comparative art schools it will be awhile until CCS is accredited. Until then our students will not be eligible for guaranteed student loans. Some extremely talented young cartoonists may not be able to attend because of lack of funds. A few thousand bucks could make the difference between a student attending or not. So I am beating the bushes to find ways to help raise some scholarship funds."

A web page has been set up to make it easy for people to donate:


The CCS is one of the most promising developments in the comics artform that I can remember in my lifetime. I hope you'll look over the school's site and give as much as you can. I can't think of a more worthy cause, and it's one that most definitely pushes comics forward.


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