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Friday, May 13, 2005

Allen on Tarts -- One of my favourite things Chris Allen does, and he has done it off and on as long as he's been writing about comics, is to look at the comics media. Last night he poked around the Sequential Tart website and came up with some apt criticisms that describe why it currently is a third-tier comics website at best.

I agree with all his sentiments, including and especially the fact that ST should be a vital and forward-looking voice in the ongoing discussion of comics online. I'm keenly aware of late how circumstance and time can take your eyes off the prize, and many of the issues Chris addresses about ST I see as needing some attention here at Comic Book Galaxy, too. Just yesterday I took the initiative to set down some new policies for our contributors and set in motion some major, positive changes as we approach our fifth anniversary and the beginning of our sixth year this September 1st.

So thanks to Chris for his inspiring comments on Sequential Tart -- I'd like to see much more of the same, Chris, maybe a series, and including coverage of sites that get it mostly right, too, of course -- but this one really has me thinking, and came along at exactly the right time. Good things are coming in the very near future.


Blogger ChristopherAllen said...

A series? Yeah, that's what I want to do, critique as many sites as possible that could be reviewing my own work in the future! No thanks. This was a spontaneous thing, and hopefully seen as just a nudge toward improving a site that could and should be essential reading. One thing I forgot to mention is that I never really see any promotion for SeqTart, either.

13 May, 2005 11:19  
Blogger Chris Hunter said...

What the hell? Comments at the CBG blog??


13 May, 2005 23:25  

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