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Monday, April 04, 2005

Tonight's 24 -- Just over a half-hour from now is supposed to be the biggest episode ever of 24. Usually I tape it and watch it the next morning (I really hate commercials), but my curiousity is getting the better of me and I think I will watch it live.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be better than Invasion Iowa. I accidentally forgot to tape the last hour of the final show, which is unfortunate as it seemed marginally more entertaining as it went along, but, it's no tragic loss, not seeing the end. If they do a low-cost DVD of it and it includes the actual film that was shot in Riverside (which is available on the Spike TV website, but bastard that I am I'm not going to link to them because they didn't bother re-running the whole show like they should have, as far as I can tell), so much the better.

In other news, big stuff is coming up this week on Comic Book Galaxy: A major, major contest, and tomorrow morning one of the longest and most interesting reviews/articles we've ever done. Be sure to check in and see what we have up our sleeves.


24 Update: Wow, that was not well written.

The FBI agent that goes up to the house of a suspect all alone and announces her intentions to the closed door before sauntering in to certain doom?

The President's sympathetic, decent, all-American son showing up on Air Force One? Gee, I wonder what will happen next!

Jack was clearly suspicious of "Agent Drake," yet gave her free rein to get as far as she did while he was dicking around in the closet?

And the actual Big Event at the end was handled so clumsily...maybe if the episode hadn't been hyped as something special and out of the ordinary, it wouldn't have grated so much, but it just seemed like the writing and pacing were way off on this one. Probably one of my least favourite episodes ever, but the series has a way of bouncing back quickly, so, onward and, erm, downward, Mr. President.


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