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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Three French Hens Meme -- Nicked from the (trave)log of the asian sensation, a blog I landed on by hitting "next blog," something I never do.

TEN random things about me:

10. I hardly sleep at all, and even when I do get to sleep, it's not very deep.
9. I used to have an earring in my left ear. My (male) boss at the time told me "That doesn't do a thing for you," and I told him "I'd be worried if you thought it did."
8. I crashed my car the very first time I got drunk, age 19, depressed about a girl.
7. I have a keen sense of smell and hate being asked to "Smell this."
6. I spent years going to a private Baptist school in the Deep South.
5. I once interviewed Mike Farrell from M*A*S*H. He didn't want to talk about AfterM*A*S*H, then still on the air, because "Some of my friends are on it."
4. I once took a vacation with a girl who had broken up with me a few weeks earlier. It didn't go well, especially that last night in the hotel room...
3. I fucking hate spiders, centipedes, or pretty much anything with more legs than me that won't let me pet it on the head.
2. I read an issue of The Incredible Hulk while waiting to see the doctor the day I found out I have diabetes, back in 1998.
1. I have a mole behind my left ear. Almost lost it once during a haircut, so now I always mention it when someone new is cutting my hair.

NINE places I've visited:

9. Toronto/Oshawa (awesome house-stay at Jason and Kris Marcy's place, fantastic trip to The Beguiling)
8. Ohio (Doane family reunion when I was around 8, 9 years old)
7. Burlington, Vermont (a couple of times to interview James Kochalka or see him sing)
6. Boston (kids loved the Aquarium, I love Million Year Picnic across the river)
5. Northampton, Mass. (Maybe the coolest town I've ever been in)
4. White Plains, NY (weird comicon in 2000, huge stars of the industry, hardly anybody there to see 'em)
3. New York City (when I was about 6; all I remember are taxis everywhere)
2. Montreal (not speaking French was a bit of a problem; couldn't find even one comics shop. Pathetic, not-well-planned spontaneous visit)
1. Nova Scotia (I think I was 2; don't remember it at all, but, running out of places)

EIGHT things I want to achieve in life:

8. See my kids grow up happy
7. Move to Canada
6. Draw better
5. Write better
4. Be kinder
3. Write a book
2. Make my wife happy
1. Be a loyal friend

SEVEN ways to win my heart:

7. Turn me on to something new and exciting.
6. Surprise me.
5. Say something nice about my kids.
4. Buy me flowers.
3. Capture my imagination.
2. Tell me something I didn't know.
1. Swear in new and interesting ways.

SIX things I believe:

6. Society has a duty to take care of all its weakest before any of its strongest.
5. If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
4. Those you cannot teach to fly, teach to fall faster.
3. No one is looking out for you better than you can for yourself.
2. Question authority. Then punch it in the fucking teeth.
1. The Daily Show is the last news broadcast in America.

FIVE things I'm afraid of:

5. My kids getting hurt.
4. Extremist leaders that are both informed by and feed off hatred and ignorance.
3. Pain
2. Losing my teeth
1. Being alone.

FOUR of my favorite things:

4. Pizza.
3. The Daily Show.
2. Great comics.
1. Message board posts by Abhay Khosla.

THREE things I do everyday:

3. Drink Diet Mountain Dew.
2. Shower.
1. Read comics blogs.

TWO things I'm not trying to do right now:

2. Sleep.
1. Write a review.

ONE person I want to see right now:

1. Anybody that owes me money and wants to pay up.

Let's pass this along to Graeme, because he never does memes, Jog, because he rocks, and Sean, because A) He's BACK, Baby! and B) His answers will be a boatload of fun.


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