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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday Morning in the Red Room -- ADD here, coming to you live from my living room, and trying to type as quietly as possible, since my 9-year-old son Aaron wandered down from his bedroom sometime in the middle of the night and crashed out on the futon, which is two feet from this very computer. But neither dark of night nor slumbering elementary schoolers shall stand in the way of my unappointed task.

Ian Brill has a fascinating look (part one of two!) at Grant Morrison's visit to Meltdown Comics. Morrison is one of the most interesting comics writers alive today, and Ian does a great job recreating his experience of watching the man speak. Most interesting to me was this quote:
Sigils and comic characters as sigils were tackled next. "Sigils," Morrison explained, "are just taking a figure and condensing unconscious desires into them. They always work, that’s the scary thing."
In my extremely limited experience, I have to say that that is as true a thing as I have ever read, and reason enough for folks to investigate Morrison's literary influences. It also reminds me of CrossGen, which criminally misused the word, and see where that got them?

At any rate, the Brill Building has become one of my favourite places to hang out over the past few weeks. Keep up the great work, Ian.

One of my other favourite blogs -- by one of my favourite people -- is Logan Polk's House of the Ded. Right now Logan is giving away not one but two copies of Bluesman by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo (two of my other favourite people -- I can feel the love tonight!), signed by the aforementioned Mr. Vollmar, not coincidentally one of the other most interesting comics writers alive today.

Bluesman is a landmark work of conflict and drama, emotion and lyricism, and the fact that you have a chance to win a signed copy should already have you gone from here and over at House of the Ded.

Another great contest currently underway at Spatula Forum is the Jay's Days Giveaway, your chance to load up on swag from cartoonist/blogger/Galaxy reviewer Jason Marcy.

And there's even more stuff for you to win, with another Comic Book Galaxy contest just days from going public: I am not kidding when I say I am freaking psyched about this one, so watch this space for the announcement. I am just waiting to hear about one or two items to sweeten the pot, but already, at least ten Galaxy readers are going to win one of the coolest comics items of the year. It's not hype, I'm dying to tell you all about it, but...damn it, I gotta wait.

Oh, I got a kick out of Mick Martin's shameful confession of which great comics works he hasn't read yet. I'm proud to have suggested at least a couple of the titles he has recently investigated, and Mick, Louis Riel is literature, so don't let that more-important-literature-to-read-for-college thing stop you.

Mick also has a timely reminder that it's stupid to buy comics you're not enjoying. That's the second most important adage in comics, after Tom Spurgeon's "The only comics that are too expensive are shitty comics." The third most important adage in comics? Courtesy of John Pierce, it's "[The Comics Journal's] not elitist, you're just dumb."

Hmm, I wonder if I can stretch this out to five? Number Four would probably be the one I always go to about Marvel..."They screwed Stan Lee and they screwed Jack Kirby. You think they're not going to screw (fill-in-the-flavour-of-the-moment/month/decade)?"

Number Five? You tell me. I'm all out of adages. And my son is still sleeping, so I think I'll wrap this up for now. Enjoy your Saturday, and perhaps I'll see you back here later.


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