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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- New today in the Galaxy's review section is a review of Kevin Huizenga's Or Else #2 written by Jog of Jog: The Blog fame. It's a very well-written critique of one of the best comics so far this year. Kevin Huizenga is just a fascinating talent with an eye for character and a tendency to take his strips into extremely unexpected places. Check out the review and tell your retailer you want Or Else #2.

Still working on the new website I mentioned yesterday; the template was finalized yesterday afternoon and I got started building all the pages. I should be able to tell you more about this project within a few days.

The Super-F*cking Contest is still underway, with your chance to win original art, comics, a hardcover American Elf collection and more, courtesy of James Kochalka, Top Shelf Productions and Comic Book Galaxy. If you haven't entered yet, get to it!

As I was reading James Kochalka's daily comic strip this morning (and yes, he's back after a disastrous server crash) I remembered a dream I had last night that involved a meeting I arranged between James Kochalka and The Shield's Michael Chiklis. In the dream, I was trying to convince Chiklis to use a Kochalka song (you know he's a singer, too? Has his own band?) in an episode of The Shield. Yes, it's weird, but look at the lengths my unconscious went to to justify this: Kochalka's catchy, kid-appealing songs like Monkey vs. Robot and Hockey Monkey were used in my argument, the idea being that Chiklis's character's austic children would somehow be reached in new ways by Kochalka's unusual, dynamic songs. I don't know how long this dream went on for, but it was quite a while, until Kochalka and Chiklis wandered off together and I was left stranded in one of Farmington's crime-ridden alleys, wondering where it had all gone wrong.


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