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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Long Tuesday -- Today was long and exhausting; started it off with a doctor's appointment, in which I was asked to fill out some paperwork and wait. While I was waiting, they neglected to write me on the appointment sheet, so an hour or so went by, and three waitings room cycles later it occured to me that maybe they had forgotten me. They were very apologetic and got me right in at that point, so I can't complain, but given how sore I was, hanging around that waiting room all that extra, unnecessary time started the day off on the wrong note.

I got the last Chuckling Whatsit issue of Zero Zero in the mail today from Mike Sterling at Ralph's Comic Corner today. Nice to have a complete set, since the TPB of Whatsit seems terminally out of print, and Richard Sala has become one of my favourite cartoonists. Anyway, thanks, Mike, for finding the issue and getting it to me so quickly and in great condition.

I was re-reading Marvel's Best of Wolverine hardcover today, and while I flipped quickly past the duller-than-dishwater Mark Gruenwald/Mike Zeck Wolvie/Captain America team-up, I was amused to note that at the end of the story, Cap tells Wolverine that with his tactics, he better stay in the X-Men, because The Avengers would never have him as a member.



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