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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Letter of the Week -- A longtime Galaxy reader named Eric dropped me a line this morning, to let me know he never received a prize he had won in a contest we ran many, many moons ago. One of the contest sponsors went out of business sometime after we announced the competition, so I have to assume Eric's book fell between the cracks. I was glad to hear from him and have the opportunity to make it right -- and Top Shelf publisher Chris Staros quickly came through and offered up a replacement copy of the book in question, the sublimely wondrous novel Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore. Upon hearing a copy was on its way to Eric, he wrote me to say:


Your quick response and ability to find a resolution is much appreciated and
very professional indeed. I shouldn’t be surprised – your obvious love for
the medium is more than mere fanboy enthusiasm, which is obvious by your
writing. Thanks for jumping on this so quickly.

Of course, any money I would have saved by getting this (long-awaited) Moore
book for free has been countered by a grave error I just made. I just
finished reading your review of Palomar...and I will no doubt be out $40 before the week is over thanks to it!

I wish more people would write accessible, intelligent reviews of comic work
such as this rather that focusing their energies on the latest issue of
Batman or The Avengers.

Anyway, thanks again,


Thanks, Eric, for the nice note. It's a timely reminder that sometimes, sometimes, all this effort might just be worthwhile.


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