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Friday, April 08, 2005

Late Home -- We left for Albany about 3:30 this afternoon, me intent on picking up the new Comics Journal at Earthworld; the great thing about the Journal, and this has always been true but never moreso than under the stewardship of former Managing Editor Milo George and his successor Dirk Deppey, the thing is just so frigging packed with great articles and interviews and reviews that one issue keeps me busy for at least three days. There's just so much to absorb. Can't wait to dig into it, probably in the morning.

Right now my kids are off to bed and my wife, who worked a double late last night and early this morning, has gone to bed. I am wired from our Albany trip, so, here I am.

What else did I get at the shop? Hmm. Picked up the first issue of Sea of Red out of loyalty to Revolver creator Salgood Sam. I confess I am not blown away by the vampire pirate premise, but Sam did a lot of the heavy lifting on the art from the looks of things, and Revolver was one of the nicest looking books of '04, so, I am looking forward to seeing how it turned out and whether the premise will win me over.

What the hell else did I get...oh, I guess Walking Dead and Zatanna are the books, after TCJ, that I am most looking forward to reading. Meant to look for the new Stray Bullets tenth anniversary TPB, but forgot. And now I can't find a website for El Capitan, Stray Bullets or David Lapham. Anyone know where they're hiding online, if anywhere?

Bought the new Moby CD at Target tonight -- actually, my wife bought it for me, thank you, honey -- and it includes a bonus disc of ambient stuff, which I am listening to as I type away here. I love most of Moby's instrumental stuff, and this disc seems like some of the best he's done in a while. There are some standout tracks on the Hotel disc proper, too, including "Beautiful," and the somewhat heartbreaking "Love Should."

All right, fatigue is setting in, and I think I'm gonna be the last Doane to stumble off to bed tonight. My daughter wants me to take her to some Japanese culture thing at her school in the morning, so, looks like a busy weekend right off the bat. Hope you enjoy yours, and I'll see you back here when I can.


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