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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The 24 Conversation -- Starring me and Christopher Allen. SPOILERS for last night's 24.

CA: Not such a great twist on 24, actually. I'm sure the Prez will be all right, and Jack will defeat Capt. Opie before he can finish the job.

ADD: I wrote a bit about how disappointed I was on the blog, including some of the truly stupid plot points.

CA: Good points. I didn't really even understand the thing with the fake outlet--seemed like too much trouble when you could just, I dunno, hide the drive in a couch cushion or something. Not as dramatic, I guess.

Man, the President is a bore. The crucial difference is that if Palmer was the one shot down, you'd care. This guy, you just feel bad that Jack and CTU screwed up. It is kind of funny when you think about it--Jack doesn't have any CTU affiliation anymore, but is the lead on everything, even terrorist negotiation.

Even Chloe was lousy in this one, and who cares if Michelle dated a guy while Tony was on the sauce. He just needs to get her in a dark CTU hallway and give her the Tony Al-mayonnaise! :)

ADD: Well, you can actually buy a fake outlet/safe, and I am sure that's
what they were referencing. Not as manly as bumpernuts, to be sure, but you can get 'em.

As far as the President being a bore, I think you are not the target audience. I think his blankness marks him as an intentional Bush avatar, as Palmer was a Clinton avatar ("First black president," blue dress, scheming wife, and all). I could easily see the red states getting misty over the demise of the steely old reptile, investing all their manly Bush-love in his vapid insipidity. Insipidness? Inspidy? HE'S FUCKING INSIPID!

And Jack's CTU affiliation, well, they're really playing fast and loose with reality on a weekly basis this time around. Which I can accept, but, the writing, direction and plot need to be exciting enough to cover, and last night it was not.

"Tony Al-mayonnaise?" BLARRRRRRRRRRRGH. But, you're right. Don't miss the point that she's still schtupping him, probably to introduce sexual/romantic conflict
since Jack and Audrey have clearly been All Goddamned Done since he
tortured her pansy ex right in front of her (GOOD MOVE, BAUER! MOLEST


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