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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TV Talk -- My wife and I watched last night's episode of 24 this morning courtesy of the ol' VCR, and while I was a bit amused by the good-Arab-shopkeepers-as-apology-for-all-the-evil-Arab-terrorists-this-season, overall it was another tense and dramatic episode. I was leery of the agitprop potential of this season's storyline early on, but it seems a little more, uh, "fair and balanced" now that we have senior officers of the third largest military contractor gunning for the good guys. I have no idea if real military contractors employ their own private armies as seen in this episode, but it was an amusing -- and terrifying -- conceit, anyway.

Excited that The Shield returns tonight. I've missed Vic and his greedy band of fuckheads since the end of the powerful third season, and I'm wondering if Glenn Close will be a positive addition to the series in the same, rather unexpected way Candice Bergen has so lit up Boston Legal (despite some clunker plots, her, Shatner and Spader can act their asses off). With all these series and shows like Lost on this season as well, it's not a bad time to be a fan of quality TV drama. If The Sopranos were currently airing new episodes I might actually overdose on all of it.


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