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Friday, March 25, 2005

Morrison and Stewart Do It Again -- The creative team behind Seaguy has kicked off its new four-issue mini-series The Guardian, part of the Seven Soldiers Grant Morrison Mega-Meta-Crossover-Thingy, and man, it is the best superhero first issue since Street Angel #1.

I was pleased with the way The Guardian's boss is the floating head of Jack Kirby, and I also sensed some meta-commentary in his job description, stuff about circulation rising but needing to break out in new ways, however Morrison put it, it sounds as much a job for superhero comics as a job for Jake Jordan. That final, mindblowing image was channeling classic Kirby, too, ultra-vivid and totally bizarre.

It looks, so far, like this Seven Soldiers deal is going to turn superhero comics on their ear and be the best thing to come out of "The Big Two" in 2004. With the ABC line mostly defunct now and Sleeper about to wrap up, I'm thankful that Grant Morrison is giving me a reason to keep buying DC superhero comics a little while longer.


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