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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- Yesterday was surprisingly quiet -- my family and I ventured down to Saratoga Springs, but the only place that was open was Borders, so we weren't there terribly long. I did find an American Splendor anthology that I'd been missing, so the trip wasn't a total loss. Speaking of words that almost sound like "loss," we did nearly get "lost" on the way home when I made one of my periodic decisions to "Hey, let's try that way!" and we ended up on a particularly long and winding mountain road. Pro: Kids got to see a deer cross the road in front of us. Con: Almost lost control of the car when we drove into a pile of sand (?!?) in the middle of the road at full speed.

I was impressed by Tony Isabella's Easter column, in which he frankly discusses the difficulties facing a religious person who actually wants to participate in his religion in the current era of intolerance, fear-mongering and hatred. It's one of Tony's best columns ever, even if it isn't about comics.

So, Beaucoup Kevin has more than once proven his musical tastes to me, with the MP3 mixes he has posted over the past few months all being uniformly excellent and quite in keeping with the sort of music I personally enjoy listening to, whether relaxing at home or losing control of the car when driving into a pile of sand in the middle of the road at full speed. (Okay, truth be told, we were listening to Green Day's American Idiot at the time, but Kevin's mixes are still top-notch in my book).

Anyway, Sir Kevin of Beaucoup is currently running down a long list of his 50 Favourite Albums, and there's some tasty choices on there, to be certain. Click on over to his site and just start reading.

You already know that Derek Martinez is blogging again, but did you know that he's also reviewing comics? Click that there link for his look at Shaolin Cowboy.

Hypocrites "R" US: Look what Diamond thinks is okay to put in their catalog. The "come hither" look just makes it shine.

Oh, hey, happy belated birthday to Greg's McElhatton. And it looks like we're both looking forward to a lot of the same comics in the months ahead.

Enjoy your Monday.


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