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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Monday Briefing - There's a ton of comics goodness up right now at Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter, the most enjoyable of which are his Jeff Smith and Peter Bagge interviews. The Smith piece particularly interested me because I recently finshed the Bone One Volume Edition, and was absolutely dazzled by Smith's storytelling chops. I usually am repelled by the fantasy genre, but Smith's blend of influences, ranging from Carl Barks to Joseph Campbell (not that much of a stretch, come to think of it), complemented by wonderfully complex and lively characters, makes Bone just a masterpiece of comics art. Bravo to Scholastic for bringing the series into just the perfect format for kids, too, with the new colour TPBs and HCs. If these books get as much infiltration into schools as I suspect they will, between Bone and the Fantagraphics Complete Peanuts volumes, the next few years should be quite wonderful for comics readers of all ages to see the very best the medium has to offer in formats that truly serve the material and present it in its very best possible light.

Speaking of which, Absolute Watchmen, huh? I've been unsuccessfully trying to track down the deluxe hardcover of this for years, so this comes as wonderful news, although how the hell I'll be able to afford it is another question altogether. But since it appears to have Alan Moore's approval and the direct involvement of artist Dave Gibbons, chances are, if DC doesn't managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory, that this could be pretty much the definitive presentation of the definitive superhero graphic novel.

Of course, John Byrne would disagree, but once you know that he finds Jessica Alba distasteful, well, what more to you need to know about John Byrne?


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