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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Marc Mason Rises to the Challenge! -- I sent Movie Poop Shoot's Should It Be A Movie? Maven a note a few weeks back good-naturedly taking him to task for not having read Dave Cooper's mind-blowing and disturbing graphic novel Ripple. This is the book that in my Best of 2003 article I highlighted for "Best Humanistic Depiction of Depravity," saying:
Dave Cooperís Ripple is the harrowing story of an artistís obsession with his grotesque muse; the great accomplishment of the work is how Cooper manages, quite deftly, to get the reader fully involved in this obsession. Itís the most convincing depiction of strange attraction Iíve ever seen.

In his column today, Marc takes the plunge, diving into one of the more challenging graphic novels of the past decade. Did he like it? Did he come away from it with a new appreciation for, shall we say, "mostly pillowy girls?" Go read his column and be enlightened.

Oh, and Marc also looks at the new Buddy Does Seattle collection from Fantagraphics, another excellent book that I can recommend without reservation. I was surprised by how well Peter Bagge's seminal Seattle-in-the-'90s set piece/sitcom holds up. Great, observant storytelling that is often laugh-out-loud funny and rewards multiple reads. The smaller, manga-size format serves Bagge's cartooning extremely well, too.


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