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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I Burn for You -- Mick Martin has posted two really insightful essays at his revived Daily Burn blog.

He looks at Buffy the Vampire Slayer, going into detail not only about how he came late to the series, but more fascinatingly how he sees issues of gender and sexuality handled by Joss Whedon and Co. throughout the series. While I disagree that Season Four might actually be better than generally acknowledged (I still find many episodes from S4 hard to watch), I will concede that that might be because Season Three was just about the best season of any series in the history of television, certainly as far as genre series go. In any case, though, Mick's thoughts on the show are provocative and worth checking out.

Ditto his comments on the gay thing in New Avengers. I hadn't realized that the Thor and Hulk wannabes in that Teen-Titans-for-Marvel-Zombies book were apparently pulling a Midnighter and Apollo-type romance, which of course has the fans -- already crushingly insecure about their sexual identities, being given to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly on books of drawings of near-naked men beating the shit out of each other -- up in arms and decrying the destruction of values in blah blah blah.

Come on, you're the Incredible Hulk, or his teenage avatar, anyway -- how many people on the planet do you think can accept your Manly Love? I say if he's lucky enough to have found a receptacle for his Gamma-Powered Passion, more power to him! Puts that whole hammer fetish in a whole new light, though, doesn't it?


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