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Friday, March 25, 2005

The Frank Miller Library -- While the bitter taste of DK2 may never fully wash itself out of my mouth, this article at ign.com features a nice selection of ten volumes by Frank Miller which should serve as a reminder of just how vital a comics creator he once was.

As I pointed out in Kevin Melrose's comments section, I question why they would pick the Daredevil Visionaries volume mostly written by Roger McKenzie, since Volume Two starts with the first Miller-written story that introduced Elektra and would therefore make more sense as being "Essential" Miller Daredevil, but the article's author clearly hopes readers will investigate their suggestions pretty deeply, as the follow-up recommendations after each entry indicate. The author is more than a little indicted by the recommendation of DK2, as far as I am concerned; it would be nice if a lengthy explanation of that recommendation had been included, since new readers are unlikely to enjoy that work and probably half of all longtime Miller readers despise it as well.

But, yeah, mostly a good article worth checking out.


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