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Friday, March 25, 2005

Fixing The Matrix: Revolutions -- Excellent, 15-point dissection of the failure of The Matrix sequels by some writer from Long Island.

You know, I actually bought the ten-disc Matrix box set entirely for the first film and its new transfer/remix/remastery goodness. I totally agree with Sean that there were many good moments in both of the sequels, but I also totally agree with all of his criticisms, and dearly wish he had been on-set to explain this all before hundreds of millions of dollars were spent totally fucking up what could have been the most memorable and thrilling action film franchise in history, and one that actually (in the first film, anyway) speaks pretty profoundly to our current era and the manner in which the populace is kept sound asleep while an elite class of beings sucks the fucking life out of us.

So, yes, the first Matrix movie is pure gold, just a great movie that works on many levels. Kudos to Sean for being the canny writer he is, able to explain in such vivid, eloquent detail all the problems with those two movies. It speaks to the power of the first one, how very actively disappointed and regretful I feel contemplating the final two films in the trilogy.


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