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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Exhausting Invasion -- Yep, I'm still watching Invasion Iowa on Spike TV, and man, is it ever not getting any better.

I had an epiphany while watching the opening credits of the penultimate episode tonight; Shatner goes on about how this character is kooky, that one's insane, Shatner is eccentric -- and there are moments in each episode where this comes through, but the pace and editing are so slow and unaccomplished that the gag just doesn't sustain viewer interest.

I think the fatal flaw was making this thing five hours long. There were enough good, funny moments -- like Shatner eating off the guy's plate in the diner in the first episode -- that you could have gotten a very funny, solid two-hour special out of the premise. But for whatever reason, they decided to make it a week-long thing, and it just doesn't work. Shatner isn't eccentric enough, there's almost never a sense that the thing is getting dangerous or out of control, and the one moment that had potential in last night's episode, when one of the town residents realized that things were starting to seem more like a reality TV show than a real movie -- they took him out of the show! There had to be a better, funnier way to deal with his suspicions, but instead, he's just shuffled off and forgotten.

Two more hours to go on this thing, tomorrow night's two hour finale. I guess I'll watch it, but the whole thing really has been a lost opportunity in what could have been a very funny TV event.


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