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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Definitive Column on Selling Comics -- Shawn Hoke's new column (discovered via Fanboy Rampage) on the direct market and how to properly serve your customers if you choose to call yourself a comics retailer is fucking brilliant and 100 percent accurate from beginning to end.
If this is the Direct Market, then I hope it fails. If you have ignorant employees and a limited stock, you deserve to fail. Shops like this do the industry and the medium of comics a disservice simply by existing.

If your store does not truly serve the widest possible audience for comics, print out Shawn's article and give it to the owner. If your store IS a full-service comics shop that truly promotes the entire spectrum of comics (and therefore stands the best chance of both increasing the readership of comics and still being in existence ten years from now), tell them how much you appreciate what they do, and make sure you let people know about them.

I truly believe we need an online resource that identifies and promotes ONLY these comics shops, as I said in a recent letter to Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter. Who's gonna take up the challenge?


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