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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tally Me Banana -- This is, by necessity, totally stolen from the always-awesome Fred Hembeck: A hopefully near-complete list of lists of 100 Things The Blogosphere Loves About Comics, the year's first Gigantic Meta-Meme here on the ol' comics internet. See, it all began with Fred's list, which inspired me to do my own Photoshop-assisted piece (complete with annotations!), which led to, well, all of these, thanks to a challenge by Mike Sterling. So, with coding stolen from Fred (apologies, Fred, and thanks for keeping track!), here they are:

Nik Dirga (Spatula Forum)

Beacoup Kevin (It's Got Disco Potential)

Scott (Polite Dissent)

Mike Norton (Miraclo Miles)

Mag and H (The Comic Treadmill)

David Allen Jones (The Johnny Bacardi

Tony Collett (Mah Two Cents)--a second list of 99 to go with his original 100

John Jakala (The Low Road)

Dr.Sordid (The Word On the Street)

J Donelson (The Pickytarian)

Ian Brill (Brill Building)

David Carter (Yet Another Comics Blog)

Bob (Jack Kirby Blog)

Steve Pheley (Gutterninja)

Evan Cantrell (Chipped Ham Productions)

David Welsh (Precocious Curmudgeon)

Bill Doughtry (Trusty Plinko Stick)

Shane Bailey (Near Mint Heroes)

Bill Sherman (Pop Culture Gadabout)

Logan Polk (House Of The Ded)

Dave Puckett (Elmo's Junction)

Ken Cuperus (Revoltin'Developments)

Franklin Harris (Franklin's Findings 2.1)

Jim Henley (Unqualified Offerings)

Dave Lartigue (Legomancer)

Greg Burgas (Delenda Est Carthago)

Noah Smith (Baggy Pants And Bravado)

David Fiore (Motime Like The Present)

Gary Sassaman (Innocent Bystander)

Havy (Trade Whore)

Scott Cederlund (View From The Cheap Seats)

Kevin Melrose (Thought Balloons)

Will Pfiefer (X-Ray Spex)

Gordon (Blog THIS, Pal!)

Thanks to every9one who wrote me to say they enjoyed mine, and to everyone else who took up Mike's challenge to craft their own lists. Thanks, finally, to Fred Hembeck, who inspired all this craziness in the first place. Fred thinks I should tally up a list of the most-often referenced elements common to each list, but I think it would be more fun if Fred tallied the lost man-hours devoted to paying homage to his original idea!


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