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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rambling Saturday Morning Notes You're Just as Well Off Not Reading -- Well, last night was a bit strange. Usually my wife and I spend some family time with our kids on Friday nights, as I have them by myself in the evenings during the week while she works. Immediately after work last night, though, she went over to her sister's to help her family move into their new apartment -- same complex, different apartment. So, on my wife's schedule, that means she worked until 1 AM Thursday night/Friday morning, then had to be back at work at 11 AM Friday morning (her Friday schedule is weird anyway), then she had go directly from work at 4 PM to her sister's, where she helped haul furniture and whatnot until about 1:30 this (Saturday) morning, when I woke up and noticed she was crawling into bed with me.

The weirdness was multi-faceted. As I say, usually we are all together on Friday nights, but since she was off doing that, it was just me and the kids, and my buddy Marshall came over with a frozen pizza and we watched some of Spaced on DVD (thanks again, Leo!), laughing our asses off at the last three episodes of Series One and the first two of Series Two. Stayed up a bit later than is usual, and I let the kids stay up; my daughter watched a bit of Spaced with us, then retreated to my bedroom to watch cartoons on the TV in there with her brother. I was glad Marshall came over, as he usually doesn't come out so late in the evening (he just turned 40 and I just turned 39, so, yes, 9:30 is, pathetically, "late in the evening" for us both), but also because he returned to me the one object I possess that I actually consider to have magick in it, the first, British printing of Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire, which was nicely reprinted in hardcover by Top Shelf last year.

As to why I consider it a magickal object, well, there's a bit to that, skip to the end, I thought it had been lost, and Marshall found it in his stacks of magickal books and other ephemera, so, I am thrilled to have it back.

Anyone who enjoys Alan Moore's comics, by the way, would do well to read that book in whatever iteration they can find it -- he clearly enjoys the freedom to paint his entire canvas in words in Voice of the Fire, and by the very last chapter, you may become convinced, as I am, that writing it was an actual act of magick for Moore, one that will have a definite and measurable impact on your own consciousness when you experience the work, especially -- nah, that would be telling.

Oh, I promised strangeness, didn't I?

When my wife has had little sleep -- as I hope I have established above -- she tends to sleep poorly, waking up often and tossing and turning. Twice between 1:30 AM and 4:20 AM she woke up asking where our son is -- you may recall she also did this the morning I found out Dr. Thompson was dead -- and I had to reassure her that he was asleep in his bed and all, indeed, was right with the world. The second time she did this, this morning, she in fact was interrupting a nightmare I was having -- related to stresses of the past half-year and intensely personal, humiliating and frustrating, was this nightmare.

Now, in the normal course of events, I might have forgotten it before even waking, but Lora woke me up with her Aaron-is-missing routine right at a key and horrible moment in my own bad dream, and instead of falling back to sleep and forgetting it, I was, rather, more than a little shaken from the memory of the whole freaky experience I was having in my head, and damn if this day isn't off to a pretty lousy start.

Hey, I told you you'd be better off not reading this. I just needed to get it out of my head, and there it is.

Ah, Saturday is ahead of me -- and first things first, Lora is supposed to go back to her sister's to help them finish moving, first thing after she wakes up. Well, you try to enjoy your Saturday, anyway, won't you?


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