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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rambling Saturday Evening Thoughts -- Just a weekend full of rambling, I guess.

Well, one continuing problem with this blog has been that for some reason, the bottom of the blog was getting cut short, ending wherever the right sidebar did. Using my puny HTML-Fu, I was able to finally fix this problem, by inserting an invisible image that is really freaking long into the sidebar. But at least the entire blog is visible again now. If anyone has a more elegant solution, please do e-mail me.

As expected, my wife spent the day helping her sister -- she's still doing that, in fact -- and took our daughter with her to help. That left me and my son Aaron to pal around through the day. I took him to his favourite seafood restaurant for lunch, where he pigged out on fish and chips, and as much of my shrimp, clams and scallops as I could foist off on him in the name of better health.

After lunch, we went to Troy, a small city near Albany that boasts exactly one comics shop, and a wonky one at that -- Aquilonia is the place where I found a mint condition of the incredibly rare Rubber Blanket #2 right on the stands at cover price, thereby completing my collection and forever cementing my concept that this is a shop where you can occasionally find something really extraordinary, if you just look around a little.

I didn't find anything that spectacular today, but my son picked up a back issue of Young Justice, a series he loves in large part because of its Teen Titans connections; he got #3, a halloween-themed issue that he was quite delighted to read on the ride home. He also wanted and received a Green Arrow action figure from the Total Justice line of the mid-1990s. The Connor Hawke incarnation of GA set us back a startlingly reasonable six bucks, exactly what he went for when the toy was new. Checking the date on the back of the package, we determined that Green Arrow had likely been sitting there in the shop waiting for Aaron to discover him since my son was 2 years old. He seemed impressed by that thought.

As I wrap this up, my son is here in the living room with me, still playing with Green Arrow (along with a batch of Titans figures from the current cartoon) and just finished watching Static Shock on Cartoon Network. We're waiting for Teen Titans Go and Justice League Unlimited to get underway at 8 tonight, as both have been quite good as of late, entertaining the hell out of both of us.

Aaron still wants to know why there's no Static action figure. Apathetic, passive racism is my theory.


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