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Monday, February 28, 2005

Comics and The Internets -- Just a quickie response to Paul O'Brien's new Ninth Art column on internet fandom. Firstly, I believe that close to half of the readers of comics sites online do read his reviews, because O'Brien is one of the best critics around. I have zero interest in the X-Men past Astonishing, Morrison's New X-Men, the Claremont/Byrne/Austin days and taking my kids to the movies, but I still find his reviews entertaining as hell, even if I do think he should expand his horizons for both his own and his readers' benefit. But that's just me being an elitist prick, as usual.

Also, I think it's funny that Bendisada would cast aspersions at the comics internet by saying only 10,000 people read it, when that's about one-tenth of the audience for the best-selling corporate comics. How many opinion polls sample that high? I very much doubt 30 million people are polled ever in the U.S., even during a Presidential election cycle. So, they're kidding themselves if they think the opinions of 10,000 people don't matter. But, it's Marvel, they're always kidding themselves.

As you were.


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