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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday Notes -- Last night I did something I virtually never do, had a night out with the boys. In this case it was with Marshall and Brian, the two pals that not coincidentally make up the triumverate of evil that first conceived this here website. We went out for a bite to eat and some minor (and ultimately aggravating) hi-tech shopping, then picked up some alcohol and retreated to Brian's to watch Shaun of the Dead.

I don't often get evangelical with my friends about movies, but last night makes at least the sixth time I've watched the film, and I'm still A) Getting new things out of it and B) Laughing my ass off at it. The film's writers seem to share a sensibility with the folks who created The Office, and fans of one are guaranteed to enjoy the other.

So far everyone I've gotten to watch the movie (including a fourth member of our party, Pete, who arrived just in time to watch Shaun last night) has enjoyed the hell out of it, and it's rare that I am so successful in turning folks on to movies, so, yeah. Shaun of the Dead is just a great funking movie.*

After staying long enough to sober up watch a few episodes of Comedy Central's Drawn Together (also seriously fucked-up funny shit), I headed home early this morning, and despite being the person who stayed up the latest Friday night/Saturday morning and having just a bit of a hangover, I was still awake before my wife and kids, ready to take on the day. Wrote a review of the year's first major graphic novel (it'll be up on the site Monday), and had hoped to get out to the comics shop for the week's books (all four of 'em) until it started raining snow and ice on our town and I said "Screw it, I'm staying home and watching the new Matrix box set." So, yeah, off to do that now. "There are two people here, Mister Anderson..."

* Bit of a larf for those who've watched the Shaun special features.


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